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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should change the name to DEFEAT roll!

A friend of mine posted a picture of her wearing victory rolls and I thought it looked adorable. She said she did an easy version so I decided to try it out!.
Here is hers.

Let's just say it isn't easy to do anything with my hair. It is a long mess!! I have over 25" of hair and trying to roll and pin it was HILARIOUS. I tried using the foam curler method, where you just wrap your hair around the curler and then pin it where you can't see the curler, well I have way too much hair for that. So me being the genius that I am , I tried using an empty toilet paper roll. I rolled my hair up, pinned it at the head and then slid the roll out. It worked OK  but I am just not happy with the results.
 One side done

 close up of the one good roll
 I could not get the other side right and I started getting pissed
Both of them, I couldnt get the bottom of the roll pinned good enough so I just clipped it up so it looks gross and messy from the top and back.

So after leaving the bathroom in pure anger to change a poopy diaper I went back and tried a different method of twisting and pinning.

I am just not feeling the whole look. I feel like instead of it looking like 40's pin-up look , it looks like freaking Snooki from Jersey Shore.

So I unpinned it all , brushed it out and I am back to plain boring hair.

I did my makeup today, I used silvers and greens but of course this awesome camera ( sarcasm) only picked up the greens and made them look teal.


  1. I've tried to do victory rolls myself and didn't even get as far as you did... LMAO! And my hair is short! It didn't look like Snookie, dork!

  2. The hair styles look adorable! I've tried the victory rolls but my hair is too short and I have too many loose hairs. Also the second hair style I've done too. It's like the rockabilly kitten ears. I think if not the victory rolls you should continue to do the second look cause it's cute!

  3. aww i like them on you looks good! :) but yeh with that much hair i cant imagine it is easy to do much lol and the tp roll is a stroke of genius! i might try that once my hair gets long again!

  4. The second hair style looks cute on you! I haven't tried victory rolls, but I HAVE tried pin curls. 2 hours of twirling and pinning, and another 30 minutes or so with the blow dryer (I'm impatient) and the results were disastrous. Instead of pretty ringlets, I had... I dunno. My hair looked so sad and pathetic, lol.

  5. I have thick hair and doubt I could do victory rolls, it just aint happenin', I'd have to have my hair thinned a LOT. Gonna ask the hair dresser to thin it a lto next trip, but that is a neat idea, Christina! You have a good idea going! It takes much hairspray for me and cursing with the curling iron to get curls even for me..HATE thick hair.

  6. I think that your victory rolls looked nice! I loved them on you. Try it a few times, practice makes perfect <3

  7. I think it looked really nice! Not exactly victory rolls, but it wasn't a disaster either :) You are waaay prettier than Snooki FYI

  8. I think the volume on it is lovely and not Snooki at all! Maybe point them the other way on your head, you the rolly-up part is facing the front? I love VRs, I'd wear them everyday if they weren't such a PITA.