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Friday, January 7, 2011

Stuff I need!

Post has been edited to add another product! It is at the end of the post.

I have been bombarded with links to products and items that I really need to try.
Problem is, I forget about them by the time I have money. That and I impulse buy. The more time I have to think about a purchase , the less likely is it so happen. So hopefully I can get myself to buy here!
Brushes! I have a few ELF brushes but I need more variety. I was looking at these from Crown Brush
I am semi-clueless when it comes to brushes. I just graduated from using that junky sponge applicator that comes in drug store eye shadows.
So experienced gals, help me out.
When buying brushes what qualities to you look for other than having pink bottoms??
What type of material is best, synthetic or natural?
Based on my looks you have seen, what brushes would I benefit from?

Another company I am dying to try is Lush
I have heard really good things about this company.
I am dying to Buffy bar and this bubble bath bar.
Looking through their products there is a TON of stuff I want to try. The prices are a bit much for me though so I doubt I would make a habit of buying.
Does anyone know of a comparable smaller shop that makes dupes or equally as awesome products?
Maybe on Etsy?

What can you all tell me about Gel liner? I have never tried it.
So what are some products you recommend that a girl must have??
Links to your favorite shops??

Added: Inque nail stickers!!



  1. www.lilypadbathworks.com

    Eva is amazing and I think her products are beyond awesome! Granted, she doesn't have as much as LUSH, but the wide range of scents she has makes up for it!

  2. I used a few things from Lush (they gave me a ton of samples, which was awesome!) but the only thing I liked was the Charcoal mask. That was a while ago, however, and I know they've come out with a ton of stuff. The pricing and quality are good, and the stuff is all very fresh, which is great, but not so great for someone like me that has many flights of fancy and gets bored of scented things quickly. A lot of the products they actually keep on hand in the stores so they can whip stuff up right on site.

    As far as brushes, I've used a lot. The Sonia Kashuk from Target are good, I've never had any fallout of bristles, they are easy to clean and soft while still being firm. I did just order the Crown Brushes, so I will update when I get them. I'm hoping my brushes will ship soon.

    I decided about a year ago I was going to try to drop some cash on a nice set of brushes, and the Crown company ended up being a lot cheaper than I was planning for, so if I'm not crazy about them, I won't feel so put out. But, I have had many of my brushes for years: one I can definitely say is 13 years old.

  3. Thank you Kimberly. My thoughts on Lush are that is possibly over priced for what it is. I certainly would rather support a small shop or a work at home mom if possible.
    Please come back and let me know what you think of your crown brushes when they arrive and how the customer service and shipping was. I like the cheapness of the brushes but I also want to get something that is a better quality than the ELF brushes.

  4. Once you try lush, you will be HOOKED!
    Their products are amazing. I LOVE their bath bombs and shampoo bars.

    I once got to actually go to a LUSH store, it was like heaven. And the best part? Everything smells SOOOO good.

  5. You should try Posh brushes, too. Oh, and cherryculture.com has a set of brushes from Amuse I want to try... and you'll drool over all the makeup!

  6. I really, really like ecotools. I've had a couple for over a year and haven't had a single bristle fall out on either of them, so I replaced older brushes with MORE ecotools!

    I bought this little travel set:


    It's made life SO easy- and if for some reason you don't like it, it's only cheap (I'm pretty sure in the States they're sold in target and pharmacies). :)