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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rainbow Eye - Inspired by Eige

I follow this blog , Christine Eige does some amazing looks. Very edgy and artsy. I however am not that brave nor am I talented in that way. Her rainbow eye inspired me.
Here is hers.
 Here is mine.
My shape is more mainstream and I started my rainbow on my lower inner eye because I didnt want the red, orange and yellow on my upper lid (clownish).

So this is the look I am sportin' today while I clean and do crafts with the kids. 


  1. I love both your look and hers! Gorgeous!! <3

  2. They both look awesome. Yours is a much more everyday rainbow eye, where hers would be better suited for a night out at a club.

  3. you're both gorgeous, and FANTASTIC at applying eye make up, and I'm soooo jealous! But it looks great!

  4. Thanks ladies! I love the looks Christine does!