PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I love - Part One

I thought I would just give a quick review on a 
few products that I am LOVING!!
As you have read, I am pretty cheap. It is somewhat by choice but also by necessity. 
I am a stay at home mom of a bunch of kids so I need to have my dollar streeeeeeeeeetch!
This first product that I love is Miracle 7 Leave in Conditioner

I found it at Sally Beauty Supply. It isn't cheap by any means. 
Well at least it isn't cheap by my standards.
I paid about $14 out the door for a small bottle.
I will tell you that it is the BEST leave in conditioner I have ever tried and I have tried a lot!
I have over 26" of long hair so I need a good leave in conditioner to detangle this mess!
I have used pretty much every brand sold at Target and have been disappointed with them all. None have done what Miracle 7 has done.
It works GREAT on the tangles , when your hair dries it feels super soft , is shiny and smooth. Since having my last few kids I have developed frizzy hair, Miracle 7 totally tamed the frizz when I let my hair air dry.
Have you tried Miracle 7 or do you have a favorite leave in conditioner? 
Let me know, we have a bunch of long haired gals in this house and would love to try out your suggestions!

The next on my "Love" list IS super cheap! $1 and it is sold online or at mt favorite place...Target!
It is the therapeutic conditioning lip balm by elf cosmetics!

I bought it figuring when it sucked I could just throw it away and not care since it was just a buck but I was super surprised when I first used it.
It went on super smooth and had a nice feel on the lips. I hate thick and I hate sticky. 
This was neither!
I will warn you though, the vanilla cream goes on pretty white and looks disgusting if your lips are chapped at all. I got strawberry cream and it gives a nice hint of color. 
Do you have a lip balm that rocks your socks off? 
Comment and let me know so I can try it!!

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship conditioner has made by "LOVE" list!
Like I said earlier, I have really long hair and a good conditioner is a MUST HAVE.
I have never used any salon brands but definitely have tried every kind that Target carries.
I paid about $2.50 on sale for a very large bottle of this.

I do change my conditioner often but I can say I am loving this stuff so far. It is leaving my hair smooth and less tangled than it has been in a long time. It has even made my ends which can be pretty dry look better! 


  1. I love love love Softlips! I've been using it for years and don't feel right if I use anything else. :)

  2. E.L.F. felt or pen tip eyeliner is super awesome, too!

  3. I have always used blistex medicated for 96 cents in the green tube at walmart but couldn't find it anywhere a couple weeks ago. So I ended up getting blistex deep renewal and I LOVE it!

    Shampoo and conditioner, I only use garnier fructis. I have used herbal essence before and I would say it is the equivalent of garnier. I had several coupons for garnier a few weeks ago and my homeland had them on sale so I ended up getting several of the big bottles for 50 cents per bottle so I am set on that for awhile :) Yes, I am a coupon cutting momma. I have 4 kids so I have to stretch my dollar too lol.

  4. I have that pen Dawne and I do like it a lot but the lid fell off one of them and dried out before I noticed. I do find if you have the pigment packed on that the pen doesnt drag as well across the eye. Have you??

  5. I am a coupon cutter too. I have used Fructis quite a bit but havent been overly impressed by it with my hair. Ive used the extra moisture version and I believe the fortifying. Both didnt condition enough but were good enough if I had coupons!

  6. I use this stuff you can buy at Sephora, while it's not super cheap, it does last forever (I want to say its $8 for a metal tin); it's called Smith's Minted Rose lip balm. The stuff is great, a little goes a long way and it doesn't come off easily, or stay on hanging there feeling thick and heavy. :)

  7. Kimberly that stuff sounds amazing just with the name!!!

  8. I use to use Herbal Essence but it was getting to expensive for the amount. My hair is crazy thick and getting long so I needed better. I've also been dying my hair for 13 years so on occasion it is fried! I began using Dove's Damage Therapy Intensive Repair, shampoo & conditioner. I LOVE it! I'm a total convert I will never switch again it works miracles! After shampooing & conditioning I use Ion silk solutions Silk Drops & Ion Daily Solutions Finishing Detangler leave in, all of it smells yummy & I get comments on how soft, shiny & aromatic my hair is ;)